[OpenSIPS-Users] Version of aliases table in v1.8.2

John Quick john.quick at smartvox.co.uk
Tue Nov 6 16:01:17 CET 2012

I am trying to install and run v1.8.2 but there seems to be a problem with
the structure/version of the aliases table.
The table created by the scripts is version 1005, but the program wants
version 1007.
I think there should be an extra field in 1007 - sip_instance. It is not
present in scripts/mysql/registrar-create.sql

My log file has the following error on startup:
2012-11-06 14:20:06  CRITICAL:db_mysql:wrapper_single_mysql_real_query:
driver error (1054): Unknown column 'sip_instance' in 'field list'
2012-11-06 14:20:06  ERROR:core:db_do_query: error while submitting query -
,socket,methods,last_modified,sip_instance from aliases ]
2012-11-06 14:20:06  ERROR:usrloc:preload_udomain: db_query (1) failed
2012-11-06 14:20:06  ERROR:usrloc:child_init: child(1): failed to preload
domain 'aliases'
2012-11-06 14:20:06  ERROR:core:init_mod_child: failed to initializing
module usrloc, rank 1
2012-11-06 14:20:06  ERROR:core:main_loop: init_child failed for UDP

John Quick
Smartvox Limited
Web: www.smartvox.co.uk

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