[OpenSIPS-Users] Dispatcher module with multiple groups

Jamuel Starkey jamuel at hcvoip.com
Thu May 31 21:16:59 CEST 2012

Have you tried the dialplan module?  We route TN's to various backend media servers based on a regexp match and then use the avp that you get upon a match from dp_translate to identify the media server to route to.

Then we can update the dialplan rules and use dp_reload without penalty to "activate" any changes.

modparam("dialplan", "attrs_pvar", "$avp(dest)")
#Initial value for dialplan group

if ($avp(dest)==NULL) {
        xlog("L_INFO", "$ruri.user not found.");
        sl_send_reply("404", "Not Found");

Then do_something based on  $avp(dest) being set based on the match from dp_translate maybe even call your ds_select_dst based on $avp(dest) being one value or another (assuming you set the $avp(dest) to "MATCH" in your dialplan rules table:

if ($avp(dest)=="MATCH") {
    ds_select_dst("2", "4");
     ds_select_dst("1", "4");

Hope that helps . . .


On May 31, 2012, at 11:59 AM, Diego Barberio wrote:

Hi All,

I’m using dispatcher module to forward incoming INVITEs to two destination groups.
I have a set of 8 telephone numbers, if the call goes or comes from any of that numbers I have to send the call to a group otherwise to the other. Right now I’m doing this to select the group:

if($rU=~ '^*40109615*' || $rU=~ '^*40109541*' || $rU=~ '^*40285849*' || $rU=~ '^*40284592*' || $rU=~ '^*40117817*' || $rU=~ '^*40117830*' || $rU=~ '^*40489340*' || $rU=~ '^*40489455*' || $fU= ~ '^*40109615*' || $fU=~ '^*40109541*' || $fU=~ '^*40285849*' || $fU=~ '^*40284592*' || $fU=~ '^*40117817*' || $fU=~ '^*40117830*' || $fU=~ '^*40489340*' || $fU=~ '^*40489455*' ){
ds_select_dst("2", "4");
               ds_select_dst("1", "4");

Is there any better way to do this, I mean something like:
if(is_in_file($fU, ‘numbers.txt’) || is_in_file($rU, ‘numbers.txt’))

Of course any option will be welcome, however it would be very nice if there’s an option which allows me to modify the numbers list without restarting opensips.

Thanks a lot

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