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Marwan El-Sadek marwan_sadek at hotmail.com
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Hello again,

Another input is the OpenSIPS will need to regenerate the second REGISTER containing the digest response based on the first REGISTER sent from the caller, this means that it will also contains all the headers previously sent in the first REGISTER and not a new clean One! I hope I made myself clear on this point.


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Date: Wed, 23 May 2012 17:15:02 +0300

Hello Ovidiu,

Ok, I will look into these modules. Should I provision all the users within the script? I'll be having the same password for all users, but usernames are dynamically and regulary provisioned, it's not be practical to do it this way. Can I store/retrieve user credentials dynamically from a database for example?


Hello Marwan,

You can implement the scenario that you want using b2b modules in "top
hiding" mode:

You will need to load first the uac_auth module and provision there
all the credentials that you want to use:

There are some restrictions:
 - if you need to add new credentials, you will need to restart the server
 - authentication in this mode will work for REGISTER and INVITE only
(in dialog requests will not be authenticated AFAIR).

Ovidiu Sas

VoIP Embedded, Inc.

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