[OpenSIPS-Users] B2B/Proxy Authentication

Marwan El-Sadek marwan_sadek at hotmail.com
Wed May 23 14:27:13 CEST 2012


I'm trying to implement the following scenario (Attached REGISTER.TXT) using OpenSIPS. The UA needs to register with the core IMS and wait for a 200OK, it cannot respond to the 401 sent from the server. Therefore, I want to put OpenSIPS in the middle to handle the authentication part with the core IMS and once this is done, it will respond back to the UA. What is the best approach to do this? knowing that OpenSIPS needs to :

1) Add some P-Headers to the original REGISTER sent by UA.
2) Relay back to the UA some P-Headers received in the 200OK of the IMS server.
3) Further messages can be sent from UA to IMS and vice versa for the same dialog, e.g starting some services, etc.

Should OpenSIPS be configured as a B2B? Proxy? or a combination of the two?

Thank you in advance for your answers.

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