[OpenSIPS-Users] is_method("MESSAGE") not work

Dragomir Haralambiev goup2010 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 18 13:45:33 CET 2012


I try receive SIP MESSAGE in opensips 1.8.2(revision 9536).
The follow do not wotk:
        if (is_method("MESSAGE")) {
                xlog("L_ERR", "MESSAGE from $si:$sp  \n");

Here is debug 6:
DBG:core:parse_headers: flags=ffffffffffffffff
DBG:core:parse_to: end of header reached, state=10
DBG:core:parse_to: display={}, ruri={sip:5555555 at}
DBG:core:get_hdr_field: <To> [27]; uri=[sip:5555555 at]
DBG:core:get_hdr_field: to body [<sip:5555555 at>
DBG:core:get_hdr_field: cseq <CSeq>: <49480> <MESSAGE>
DDBG:core:get_hdr_field: content_length=6
DBG:core:get_hdr_field: found end of header
DBG:core:decode_mime_type: Decoding MIME type for:[text/plain]
DBG:core:decode_mime_type: Decoding MIME type for:[text/plain,
DBG:core:decode_mime_type: Decoding MIME type for:[
DBG:core:parse_headers: flags=ffffffffffffffff

Where is problem?
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