[OpenSIPS-Users] Timer process opensips1.6.4-2

dpa denis7979 at mail.ru
Tue Dec 4 14:12:12 CET 2012


Sorry Bogdan but can you tell me how can I use gdb? I have not made it

I noticed crash while the radius server (which I use for call limit duration
request) has been failed. I use "radius_send_auth()" to get call limit
duration from Billing. When radius has been failing opensips didn't receive
any reply from it. Crashes have been stopped when I commented this function
in opensips.cfg.


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In opensips there are multiple timer processes - different modules may ask
for separate timer processes to avoid interferences with modules (in terms
of load on the timer routines). Nothing unusual here.

Regarding the crash, do you have a core file resulted ? if so, please use
gdb to extract a backtrace from it.

Thanks and Regards,

Bogdan-Andrei Iancu
OpenSIPS Founder and Developer

On 12/03/2012 08:35 AM, dpa wrote: 



When I use "/usr/local/opensips1.6.4-2/sbin/opensipsctl fifo ps" i see many

There are two of them have TYPE=timer. What does it mean?


Today I have a twice problem with this process.

"INFO:core:handle_sigs: child process 2405 exited by a signal 11"

Where 2405 was a "timer" process.


Thank you for any help.





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