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Binan AL Halabi binanalhalabi at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 1 01:11:57 CET 2012

Hi Bogdan.

Yes .
Special exception clauses allows this combination (linking). This is what i know.

// Binan

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Skickat: fredag, 30 november 2012 17:57
Ämne: Re: [OpenSIPS-Devel] [HELP] Advising on GPL license issue

Hi Binan,

Already when through that page, but not 100% clear.

As I understand it, to make it possible you should :
    1) the copyright holders of the GPL code should agree on an
      exception to link against the non-GPL lib
    2) owner of the non-GPL lib you give you the permission to use
      it (if not fully public).


Bogdan-Andrei Iancu
OpenSIPS Founder and Developer
On 11/30/2012 06:25 PM, Binan AL Halabi wrote: 
Hi Bogdan,
>See this : "GPL-incompatible libraries with GPL software"
// Binan 
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>Ämne: [OpenSIPS-Devel] [HELP] Advising on GPL license issue
>Hi all,
>As I'm not an expert in this, I'm looking for someone to
            advise on a more complex issue regarding GPLv2 license.
>Shortly - developing an opensips module that needs to link
            to a non-GPL (and not compatible) library (available for
            public in binary format, with proprietary license).
>For details or whatever feel free to contact me offline, not
            a problem.
>Help will be highly appreciate not only be me, but by the
            project and community (as a really nice feature depends on
            finding a solution here).
>-- Bogdan-Andrei Iancu
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