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Binan AL Halabi binanalhalabi at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 31 15:48:59 CEST 2012

Is CUSTOMER_DEVICE_SIP_DOMAIN defined in opensips ?


--- On Fri, 8/31/12, Kevin Mathy <k.mathy at hexanet.fr> wrote:

From: Kevin Mathy <k.mathy at hexanet.fr>
Subject: Re: [OpenSIPS-Users] [Re: Routing problem with Record-Route]
To: "Bogdan-Andrei Iancu" <bogdan at opensips.org>, "OpenSIPS users mailling list" <users at lists.opensips.org>
Date: Friday, August 31, 2012, 5:53 AM

Hi Bogdan, 

We've got some news about our problem with record-routes.

 In fact, it seems that if we change Contact header sent by customer's device, everything work fine. Explanations :

Before, in all message sent by customer's device, particularly 200OK, Contact header was like Contact: <sip:+333XXXXXXXX at CUSTOMER_DEVICE_SIP_DOMAIN>

In this situation, OpenSIPS was unable to route correctly ACK messages following this 200OK.

Then, we've change the manner which Contact header is sent, and now it's like Contact: <sip:+333XXXXXXXX at CUSTOMER_DEVICE_IP>

And in this situation, everything seems to be OK, all message, including ACK, are correctly routed.

Further, we are sure that DNS resolution of CUSTOMER_SIP_DOMAIN returns exactly CUSTOMER_DEVICE_IP, so, it doesn't seems to be a DNS resolution problem...

If it can help you !

Thanks a lot, 
Kevin MATHYHEXANET--Téléphone : : www.hexanet.fr

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2012/8/29  <mickael at winlux.fr>

Hi Bogdan,

we will do this debug before end of week or begin of next week and we will

send our results.


> Hi Kevin,


> This looks like OpenSIPS does not recognize the Route as its own IPs and

> also seeing the next hop as a strict router.


> To sort this out in the fastest way, see my prev request on the logs for

> ACK processing (with the debug=6).


> Regards,


> Bogdan-Andrei Iancu

> OpenSIPS Founder and Developer

> http://www.opensips-solutions.com



> On 08/28/2012 03:22 PM, Kevin Mathy wrote:

>> Hi Bogdan,


>> I'm working with Mickael about this problem, and we have some

>> informations which may help you (and then help us ;-) ) :


>> We have found that "loose_route" function modify the Request-URI

>> variable ($ru), as you can see below :


>> ACK message comes from provider, with $ru = sip:+333XXXXXXXX at

>> <mailto:sip%3A%2B333XXXXXXXX at>

>> After, loose_route function is executed, and $ru become like $ru

>> =

>> sip:;lr;r2=on;ftag=c97942d9-13c4-503ca77b-ef8c9eef-760f27a5;xyz=c12.18aedaa5


>> The last $ru value results from a Route header


>> For information, Record-route of previous message (200OK) is composed

>> with two record-route in the same field, comma separated.

>> Is Opensips 1.6.4 able to interpret this type of Record-route ?


>> Is loose_route function using Route headers of previous messages

>> (200OK before ACK) to route this message ? Or is it using only actual

>> message's Route headers ?


>> Thanks in advance,

>> If you need further informations, feel free to ask us.


>> Regards,


>> *Kevin MATHY*


>> *

>> --

>> *

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>> Web : www.hexanet.fr <http://www.hexanet.fr>


>> Pour toute demande de support, merci de contacter le **,

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>> <mailto:support at hexanet.fr>

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