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Wed Oct 26 15:22:07 CEST 2011

determine the RTP port on the gridborg system and so cannot pass the
audio back, but I've been staring at the signalling all day long and I
just can't work out why not. I have several other systems doing this
(gridborg -> OpenSIPS+MediaProxy) without issue, AND if I use
something more conventional (Asterisk) it seems to work just fine,
although this may be a false symptom.

I could really, really use some help. I've included everything I could
think of trapping, if you think I should find something else, let me
know and I'll reproduce. is the gridborg system, is the public IP of the OpenSIPS+MediaProxy server, is the public IP of the client system.
We're sending the call to (123) 456-7890.
(Obviously I've audited the trace/configs to put these addresses in,
but that's the only editing)

OpenSIPS config:

MediaProxy config:

SIP trace:

MediaProxy debug:

My deepest thanks to anyone who can shed light on this;

 - Jock

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