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Wed Oct 26 15:22:07 CEST 2011

authentication to the sip provider and get the call connected.

What i currently have in opensips is an extension '1234' which redirects to
the sip gateway with a mobile number. Whenever i dial 1234 on my sip phone
opensips relays the '401 unauthorized' message from the sip provider back to
my phone, and the phone tries to authenticate itself with the sip provider.

What i want it to do is let opensips handle the challenge authentication and
connect the call back to my phone. I'm wondering if what i'm looking for is
B2BUA. Could anyone give me a hint if i'm going in the right direction or that
i maybe need to switch to the B2BUA module?

Below you will find my opensips.cfg and the siplog of the call. 
In the siplog you will see my phone with the username HIJKLMNO.

Thanks in advance!

Arnold Vriezekolk

[1] opensips.cfg:
[2] siplog:
(Replaced all the usernames, passwords and ip's from the config and log.)

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