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Wed Oct 19 18:24:51 CEST 2011

I think I remember reading somewhere that they only thing you really care  
about on a Mediaproxy server is the network interface... Processor and  
memory doesn't matter.

On , Saúl Ibarra Corretgé <saul at ag-projects.com> wrote:
> Hi Jim,

> On Oct 19, 2011, at 4:08 PM, JimDoesVoip wrote:

> > Hi All,

> > I have the impression (perhaps wrong) that we can run multiple  
> media-relay

> > processes on a single server and have them connect to the same media

> > dispatcher(s). I also have the perception that media-relay not

> > multi-threaded. Searched the mail list and didn't find indications that

> > anyone was doing this. Here are more details of what we are attempting:

> >

> > The scenario is that we have 4 bare metal servers running centOS 6. Two  
> of

> > these servers are running openSIPS and media-dispatcher processes. We  
> are

> > using mediaproxy 2.5.2. To take advantage of the multiple cores [each

> > server has 4 cores] we'd like to run about the same number of media  
> relay

> > processes on the servers that aren't running openSIPS. Each of the

> > media-relay processes would connect to both dispatchers to have things  
> be as

> > flexible / resilient as possible.

> >

> You don't need to do that with MediaProxy. MediaProxy is single threaded  
> (uses Twisted) and it will open 2 pairs of ports for each connection.  
> When *a single* RTP packet was received from both sides, a conntrack rule  
> is created in kernel space, so no packets are relayed in userspace  
> anymore.

> Thus, you'll not get better relaying performance for running multiple  
> instances, the kernel will do the relaying for you.

> You can run the relay in the same host as the dispatcher, btw.

> > We are able to start multiple media-relays, run out of different

> > directories, with different media port ranges on a single server using  
> the

> > --pid option. When doing this, and connecting 2 of these media-relays to

> > the same media-dispatcher we see errors in the logs that indicate that  
> the

> > media-relays are being disconnected and reconnected. We are attempting  
> to

> > run the media-relays on the same IP address (well.. the media relays  
> that

> > are on the same server). Do the media relays connecting to a particular

> > dispatcher need their own IP address? Do we need to run the  
> media-relays on

> > different IP addresses on the servers?

> >

> The --pid option is not enough. You need different configuration,  
> different port range and a different IP address. The dispatcher maps the  
> relays by IP address, so you can't have two on the same. What you see in  
> the logs is the dispatcher being confused by two connections from the  
> same IP, which he thinks is a single relay.

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