[OpenSIPS-Users] snmpstats errors - no more pkg memory

John Quick john.quick at smartvox.co.uk
Tue Oct 18 12:13:50 CEST 2011

Using OpenSIPS version 1.6.2-notls with various modules enabled including
The startup command line has the memory option set to "-m 256"
It is a busy production server handling several thousand calls a day. It
runs 24x7.

After opensips is running for about 1 week, I start to see errors and
warnings like the following:
Oct  4 08:11:36 SIP01 /sbin/opensips[17153]:
ERROR:snmpstats:insertContactRecord: no more pkg memory
Oct  4 08:11:36 SIP01 /sbin/opensips[17153]:
ERROR:snmpstats:executeInterprocessBufferCmd: openserSIPRegUserTable was
unable to alloc...

Oct  4 08:11:36 SIP01 /sbin/opensips[17153]: WARNING:core:fm_malloc: Not
enough free memory, will atempt defragmentation

OpenSIPS continues to process SIP messages and I can see no errors in the
call handling, but it concerns me that these errors are happening.

Could it be relevant that db_mode for usrloc is set to 3  - this means the
SNMP monitor always shows zero registrations.

John Quick

P.S. I posted this question before on 5th October but got no replies.

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