[OpenSIPS-Users] rtpproxy in bridge mode

Brad Bendy brad.bendy at benganetworks.com
Tue Oct 11 15:39:51 CEST 2011

Hi list,

Im trying to get a opensips 1.6.4-2 with rtpproxy 1.2.1 to work in
bridge mode, calls will get a INVITE from a private network then
opensips needs to forward that invite out upstream via a public

It appears the issue right now im seeing is the c= in SDP has the IP
address twice, ie: c=IN IP4

Ive tried about four different variations of this script and am now
working off the base alg.cfg samples script, yet im still having the
same problem. Before I was not getting a duplicate IP in the c= but was
getting the public IP on the private side of the SDP.

All INVITEs come into the, ive changed around the flags
several times and seem to have no change in anything.

Any insight as to what im doing wrong would be very helpful, thanks!
Here is the important parts of the current config:

    #sanity checks and other things are left out

      if (dst_ip == {
        xlog("dst IP is private");
        if (rtpproxy_offer("FAI")) {
      if (dst_ip == {
        xlog("dst is wan");
        if (rtpproxy_offer("FAEE")) {
  if (method == "BYE" || method == "CANCEL") {

  if (loose_route()) {
  if (method == "INVITE") {

        if (!t_relay()) {

onreply_route[1] {
  if (!(status=~"183" || status=~"200")) {
  xlog("status was 183 or 200 in reply");
} else {
# rtpproxy_answer("FA");

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