[OpenSIPS-Users] IPv6<->IPv4, mediaproxy, rtpproxy

Jacek Konieczny jajcus at jajcus.net
Wed Nov 30 15:10:10 CET 2011


We use opensips with Mediaproxy and CDRTool on our VoIP gateway.We will
be introducing IPv6 in our infrastructure too and I would also like to
have SIP connectivity available for IPv6. Our upstream SIP links are
IPv4 only, so we will need some kind of IPv6 to IPv4 gateway.

AFAIK opensips can do IPv6, but Mediaproxy cannot, and due to its design
(using Linux kernel connection tracking for media forwarding) it will
probably never be able to forward IPv4 media to IPv6.

It seem I could use RTPProxy as a IPv4<->IPv6 media gateway, but I
cannot replace mediaproxy with rtpproxy, as we rely on the latter for
accounting (CDRTool). It seems I would need to use rtpproxy in addtion
to mediaproxy…

My question is: is that possible at all? 

I guess it would be possible if I use two opensips instances – the
current one for accounting and upstream connectivity and another one,
together with rtpproxy, as the IPv4<->IPv6 gateway.

Any hints for implementing this? Have anybody done IPv4<->IPv6 with
opensips and rtpproxy?


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