[OpenSIPS-Users] Accounting 200 ACKS with Radius

discodog62 at aol.com discodog62 at aol.com
Sat Nov 19 02:02:44 CET 2011

Hello all,
I have opensips 1.6 and I am using the radius accounting.  Everything is working great.  What I am trying to do is also account the 200 ACK on a call connect.  When I was using the database to log CDR's it was working.  Now that I moved to Radius for accounting my additional setflag does not seem to create a request to my radius server.

I only get a start and a stop in my radius log.  I am looking for my 200 ACK.

Here is my on reply route.

onreply_route[2] {
	xlog("ACK with rs= $rs/ rb= $rb / fd= $fd / fu=  $fu / rr= $rr / rs= $rs / Ri= $Ri / si= $si");
	if ($rs == "200" && $si == "xx.x.x.xx") {
	    xlog("==ACC==  $si | $rs ");	
		setflag(1); # do accounting
	if (has_body("application/sdp")) {
	    xlog("Onreply 2 turn on rtp");

Is there a flag that I am missing?  Or syntax that I am not aware of?

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