[OpenSIPS-Users] Session expires, calls disconnect

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Tue Nov 15 18:31:53 CET 2011

You will want to read this

I am guessing you are no relation to Jonathan Rosenberg otherwise you would  
just ask him directly?? :)

If I was you I would reproduce the issue and do a sip trace of the whole  
call and see whats going on.

On , Schneur Rosenberg <rosenberg11219 at gmail.com> wrote:
> I never really understood how the session expires works and whats the

> difference between UAC or UAS, who is supposed to send the reinvite?

> etc, if anyone can provide me with a simple explanation I would really

> appreciate.

> I'm getting a call from a DID which has Expires: 240. Min-SE: 1200 in

> the sip headers. the call gets disconnected at exactly 30 minutes,

> because I'm not sure how the Expires works I don't know what do, is

> opensips responsible to send the reinvite or the phone? if opensips is

> supposed to initiate the INVITE what module and functions do I need to

> use.

> thanks in advance

> S. Rosenebrg

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