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A. Install

First you need to download the sipp sw if you are using Fedora (linux) operating system as in my case do the following:
1- open the Terminal.
2- log In as a root
3- type the following command for installation: yum install sipp

For opensips just follow these instructions for installation http://advantia.ca/weblog/how-to-install-opensips-fedora

(Note: if you use any other platform such as Debian, CENTO,...just google it & it )

B. Run

Prepare Opensips:

First you have to prepare your configuration file to meet your needs
I attached you a very simple configuration file that I test before and acts as simple proxy. You just have to change two lines:
1- listen=udp:xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:port# //put here the IP address of the machine in the network you can specify the port number if you want to run both sipp & opensips in the same machine.
2- The mpath="/.../modules/" make sure to put the correct module path here

Run Opensips:

1-Open a Terminal.
2-Log In as a root.
3- type the follwing commands.

>opensipsctl start
>opensips -c /home/src/opensips.cfg   //This command check the configuration file for errors
>opensips -c -f /home/src/opensips    //To run the configuration file

Run sipp:

1- Open a terminal.
2-log in as a root.
3. Type the command

>sipp -sn uas   //to run the embedded/default user agent server (UAS) scenario of sipp
>sipp -sn uac -rsa xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx(IP of opensips) xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx(IP of the UAS) // run the embedded user agent client (UAC) scenario of sipp

for more information about sipp scenario read the Using SIPp section here: http://sipp.sourceforge.net/doc3.0/reference.html

Everything should work fine trust me & try it.
Hope I helped you

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thanks for that
    sipp -sn uas

    sipp -sn uac -rsa OPENSIPS_IP UAS_IP

but still i would like to know in more detail
how to run sipp and where to type those commands
i am new to all this things

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