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I'm a complete beginner in SIP. I'm trying to migrate away from Skype, since I have no reason to trust them. (For all I know, they could have huge server farms where they collect people's IMs and audio chats.) I just want a fully secure way to chat with my family and friends, that's all. I recently came across Jitsi and SIP. Do these provide what I need? I have a few questions of this nature:
1) When I click "Register" on the OpenSIPS website, I get a "The [SSL] certificate for this website is invalid" message from Safari. Is your website insecure in some way?
2) Will Jitsi work "out of the box" with OpenSIPS? Will it be easy for mere mortals to actually use it? I don't want to make, say, my parents go through too much technical hassle.
3) So, if I text chat, audio chat, and video chat with my friends through OpenSIPS using Jitsi, will everything (text, audio, video) be fully encrypted, such that no 3rd party can possibly snoop into it? (Contrast with Skype, where even though the stuff is secure back and forth from Skype's servers, it may be technically possible for Skype to snoop in on people's affairs.)
4) Any other Skype vs. Jitsi/SIP pros and cons you can think of that a beginner should be aware of?
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