[OpenSIPS-Users] Loadbalancing timeout for lb_disable()

Schneur Rosenberg rosenberg11219 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 7 21:31:07 CET 2011


I'm not yet experienced enough in opensips, so please bear with me.

I set up a opensips to loadbalance 2 asterisk servers, in the failure
route I placed

        if (t_check_status("(408)") && t_local_replied("all"))

                # Try to load balance once again
                if ( load_balance("2","pstn","1") )
                        t_reply("503","Service Unavailable");
My loadbalancing probing is set to 1 in the database, now when I shut
Asterisk Opensips will keep on trying again and again because asterisk
is not replying, how can I have Opensips realize that it timed out and
create a 408 timeout that will trigger the lb_disable()?

S. Rosenberg

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