[OpenSIPS-Users] media-dispatcher and media relay connection problem

Saúl Ibarra Corretgé saul at ag-projects.com
Fri May 27 10:11:09 CEST 2011

On May 27, 2011, at 9:23 AM, Barsan Liviu wrote:

> Hi Dan,
> You have partially right because I didn't formulated well my observations, so reformulated: would be welcome a detailed guide for installation from sources.
> Simply I took the MediaProxy sources (2.4.4.tar.gz) and do what is written in the INSTALL file.
> For most of the modules was enough what is in the INSTALL, but for MediaProxy not, everybody who will install from sources will encounter the same troubles as I did:
> - iptables loading
> - nothing about how to start the media dispatcher and media relay, even now I'm not sure if I doing well by starting them from command line with:
>   # sudo modprobe ip_tables
>   # media-dispatcher &
>   # media-relay
> (Seems to work)

The iptables issue you found is a problem specific to your distribution, we can't know what all distributions will do.

> - and in the INSTALL file nothing about media-relay init scripts
> - not enough information about how to check if the installation/configuration was correct.E.g. how to check kernel version, how to see log for Python based applications, for example because of incompatible gnutls I wasn't able to see what is the real problem, what logged the Media-Relay was not enough(log level == DEBUG).

What do you need to know about the kernel version? Its already mentioned that it has to be > 2.6.18. I know that there are problems with 2.6.38, but this is something recent which will be addressed in a future release. When 2.4.4 was released all kernels > 2.6.18 worked fine AFAIK.

About your gnutls issue: as I said, the problem was caused by some internal changes in Twisted, which is a project we don't maintain, and thus we can't possibly know what they will fix or break with every release.

> To see some guide which is near to what I expect(even if has few errors):  http://voiprookie.blogspot.com/2009/04/blog-post.html. Contains few words about each module, how to check if is installed, has examples for configuration etc.
> Compare with what you wrote: apt-get install mediaproxy-relay ;(
> Additionally, would be welcome few examples(opensips.cfg and config.ini) for STUN and TURN solution for OpensSIPs-MediaProxy.

Patches and/or additions to documentation are also welcome ;-)


Saúl Ibarra Corretgé
AG Projects

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