[OpenSIPS-Users] ICE and two clients behind nat

giti at dataproducts.ae giti at dataproducts.ae
Tue May 24 13:34:50 CEST 2011


We are testing with two clients, both are windows XP and have access to
the internet via adsl link .Client A has invalid ip address
and Client B has .Client B is using the isp which has SIP
blocking .I am using Blink and these clients can make and establish a call
if I make a vpn call which gives me a valid ip address 83.170.x.x .
In this case , which A has invalid ip address and has access to the
internet behind nat , and B has valid ip via vpn , I use  Blink and these
clients can make and establish a call and Ice works as well .
The nex test is as below:
  Client B which is on blocked link , uses TLS on blink  , in this case ,
call stablishes and I have stun requests on clients but originator and
destinator of Stun requests are and that ,
they can not bind stun and ICE does not work. In this example, in ICE
candidate on invites I have invalid ip address of clients .
I have tested with vpn with invalid ip address also and its same as the
second example .

And now question is this :How  can we change candidate’s address in
opensips or media proxy to the Valid  ip address of clients?so that , stun
binding request can reach to the peer client and 

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