[OpenSIPS-Users] ICE and two clinets behind nat

giti at dataproducts.ae giti at dataproducts.ae
Mon May 23 22:24:07 CEST 2011

i have checked ICE betwean two cleints behind nat
A:   and nat ip address is 174.x.x.x
B:     and nat ip address is 175.x.x.x

when i trace packets by wareshark , i have stun bindign request from A to
be with in valdi ip address to B invalid ip address
0.100 to 1.2 and vise versa and clearle i dont have this stun request in
clients .and ICE does not work

if one of these clients use vpn and get valid ip like 83.x.x.x
stun binfing request negotiote and i have ICE negotioaiton and ICE w

now  , i want to know is there any way to re-write thse invalid ip in stun
binding rqeust to clinet's valid ip address?

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