[OpenSIPS-Users] PUA module functions and XCAP functionality

Paris Stamatopoulos mobius at realize.gr
Mon May 23 10:50:23 CEST 2011

In you 'is_method("REGISTER")' block you should add something along these lines:

if( !search("^User-Agent: X-Lite")) {

And in your 'is_method("INVITE")' something like:

If( !search("^User-Agent: X-Lite")) {

This way when a non presence capable UA registers the pua module generates the publish event, and when the same non presence capable UA gets/makes a call, change the dialog status via the dialoginfo_set(). Try to use A/B parameters to generate presence events only for accounts in your network.

These two in terms of telephony.

As for the web interface, I guess you could use SOAP Proxy, or craft up a small application that will generate the required sip messages. I was playing with PJSIP and Python to make something like this, but I didn't have the time to continue work with it.


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Subject: [OpenSIPS-Users] PUA module functions and XCAP functionality

Hello all,
I have setup an opensips with call and presence capabilities with xcap. Now there are some Endpoints that does not support presence capabilities for which I use PUA module. So whenever those endpoints are registered the watchers for those endpoints will see them as online. And when they Un-register the watchers should see them as offline.
The question here is how to enable the xcap functionality for such endpoints. How does an endpoint which does not have presence capabilites allow or disallow someone to check their presence status which is generated by the PUA module?
Is it something possible to do from the web-interface? For eg. someone wants to check the presence status of endpoint A which does not have presence capabilites. User A logs into the web-interface, allows the watcher to view its presence status which actually creates an xcap doc for that user. And only then the PUBLISH from PUA gets notified to those users based upon the xcap rules of that user.
Any proper direction in this context will be really helpful.


--- Jayesh
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