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Max Mühlbronner mm at 42com.com
Thu May 19 11:40:51 CEST 2011


The sems example uses variables which are setup at "serweb". 
These should be set in opensips config (maybe taken from database/ 

There are variables in opensips containing some of the values you could 
use like the request domain / from uri / ...


here is a simple real life example:

avp_db_query("select email_address FROM subscriber WHERE username = 


Best Regards

Max M.

Am 18.05.2011 19:19, schrieb Steven Pokrandt:
> SEMS docs make it sound easy to integrate with SER (opensips?)   but 
> opensips complains about the 2nd append line.  I'm new to all of this 
> and as you know it's a steep learning curve.  where do i get the $t.*, 
>  @from.*, @ruri.*   variables set from?  is there a module?  do I need 
> to look them up and assign them from the DB in opensips?
> append_hf("P-App-Name: voicemail\r\n");
> append_hf("P-App-Param: 
> mod=%$t.voicemail%|;eml='%$t.email%|';usr=%@ruri.user%|;snd='%@from.uri%|';dom=%@ruri.host%|;uid=%$t.uid%|;did=%$t.did%|;");
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