[OpenSIPS-Users] adding 1 alias to more than one subscriber

Toyima Dias toyimads at gmail.com
Tue May 17 15:44:03 CEST 2011

 Is it possible to add the same alias to more than one subscriber? for
example, if an incoming call to the number 14882736524 is assigned to
subscriber 1000, is it possible to assign this DID to subscriber 1001? the
idea is to create a group of ringing or something like that, is that
possible? i've tried to insert the data on phpmyadmin and also on
opensips-panel, it doesn't work:


*consulta SQL:* [image:

INSERT INTO `opensips`.`dbaliases` (
`id` ,
`alias_username` ,
`alias_domain` ,
`username` ,
NULL , '314001', '', '1000', ''

*MySQL ha dicho: *[image:
#1062 - Duplicate entry '314001-' for key 'alias_idx'

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