[OpenSIPS-Users] force rtpproxy not to wait for rtp before sending

Chris Martineau chris at ghosttelecom.com
Thu May 12 18:07:37 CEST 2011



I have some scenarios where certain gateways are not sending any rtp
until a 200ok message is received. 

I have rtpproxy running to overcome nat issues from customers and to
provide comfort announcements, however calls from some of my main
traffic gateways which are trusted and not nat'ed do not send rtp on
receiving a 183, so rtpproxy does not switch on sending rtp causing my
comfort announcement and subsequent early media ringing to fail.

Is there anyway to force rtpproxy to trust a connection and not wait for
rtp before sending?

I notice that there are some flags that indicate that they will do this
but when I invoke them the behaviour doesn't change?

I know that the main purpose of rtpproxy is to confirm the rtp source
before sending but as I also use it for announcements it useful to have
it permanently in situ.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.





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