[OpenSIPS-Users] timeout value in dialog?

Chris Martineau chris at ghosttelecom.com
Fri Mar 18 13:51:44 CET 2011

Thanks, I will test  it and let you know.


Just to confirm which svn is it under. 1.6 Branch trunk? If you could
confirm the svn link it will make sure I download the correct change. I
assume I will have to completely remake everything not just the dialog


Many thanks again




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Hello Chris,

I have just commited a fix on svn in the dialog module. Please update
your sources and try again.


On 03/17/2011 03:17 PM, Chris Martineau wrote: 



Have been playing with timeouts on the dialog module for a prepaid app
however some of the values are confusing.


If you enable db persistence the entry in the db for the timeout is
correct from call start whether your using default or the timeout avp (
it shows the full time of timeout =starttime+timeout value).


However when you look at the dialog entry using fifo dlg_list the
timeout value bears very little resemblance to this value. I first
thought it was a truncated value as it looked like the last 3 or 4
digits of the timeout shown in the db minus 5-10 seconds but the value
seems to be all over the place sometimes indicating a timeout of 50
seconds when the timeout is actually 120. Strangely still works fine and
times out at 120.


Can anyone throw some light on this value as it makes no sense and would
be very useful if it reflected the correct value as in the db.


Many thanks




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