[OpenSIPS-Users] rtp_proxy_stream2uac and opensips-1.6.4

Razvan Crainea razvancrainea at opensips.org
Fri Mar 11 15:13:05 CET 2011

Hi Flavio,

Can you please give me the output of the command "rtpproxy -v"?

The word "session" specifies RTPProxy to search for the codec list in 
the initial Update command (when OpenSIPS calls rtpproxy_offer), so 
there is nothing wrong with it.

This is how RTPProxy works when it receives a Play command:
Assuming your initial codec list is "3,8,101", your command is 
interpreted like this:
it checks in the '/var/rtpproxy/prompts/' folder for the 'dmcaller.3' 
file (which should be a GSM encoded file). If found, it starts to play 
it to the uac/uas. Otherwise it checks further for the 'dmcaller.8' 
file, and so on until it finds a suitable media file. If it doesn't, it 
should log an error.
I guess your problem is that RTPProxy is unable to find a suitable file 
to open.


On 03/11/2011 03:23 PM, Flavio Goncalves wrote:
> Hi,
> Is there anyone with experience using rtpproxy_stream2uac command. I'm 
> trying to use with OpenSIPS 1.6.4 with rtpproxy-1.2.1. I'm getting the 
> following error:
> ERROR:nathelper:rtpproxy_stream: required functionality is not 
> supported by the version of the RTPproxy running on the selected node. 
>  Please upgrade the RTPproxy and try again.
> 1. I tried to upgrade the RTPPROXY with the on in GIT, but it crashes 
> as soon as I start OpenSIPS.
> 2. I tried to disabe the check in the rtpproxy_stream2uac, I don't get 
> the error but still don't work. In this case:
> OpenSIPS is sending to the RTPPROXY
> DBUG:handle_command: received command "23907_6 P10 
> f765564a-317a422b at 
> <mailto:f765564a-317a422b at> 
> /var/rtpproxy/prompts/dmcaller session 5cc2dfbec1d32747o2;1 as1dc4b372;1"
> The RTPPROXY is expecting according to the RTPPROXY protocol
> P[args] callid play_name codecs from_tag to_tag
> The mismatch seems to be in the word "session" in this place rtpproxy 
> is expecting the codecs.
> I tried everything I could.
> Flavio E. Goncalves
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