[OpenSIPS-Users] NEW: Changes in NATHELPER module

Bogdan-Andrei Iancu bogdan at opensips.org
Tue Mar 8 15:28:04 CET 2011

Hi Stan,

Some automatic way to convert the "nathelper" to "rtpproxy" module name 
may be misleading, I think - especially that the set of functions in the 
2 modules will be different (as set and names).

A better possible approach can be keep the "nathelper" module as an 
dummy module that tells (at load time) the whole migration story so 
that, you can load the proper module.


Stanisław Pitucha wrote:
> On 2 March 2011 13:47, Razvan Crainea <razvancrainea at opensips.org> wrote:
>> Note that there will be no functional changes, but only structural ones, all
>> current functions exported by nathelper module will still be available (some
>> name changes might be possible though), just that they will be provided by
>> the new module or nat_traversal module .
> Since the functions themselves don't change, can we still have
> "nathelper.so" name treated like a "fake module" that will load the
> actual new ones? We already had some problems with the xlog module
> removed (config changes in a revision, not even minor, update) - maybe
> this time it could be done in a nicer way this time :)
> I'd like to propose that if there's a loadmodule request that matches
> "^(.*)/nathelper.(.*)$" it should automagically:
> 1. WARN that it's deprecated and functions are in rtpproxy and nat_traversal.
> 2. try to load modules from $1/rtpproxy.$2 and $1/nat_traversal.$2 and
> if both can be found - do not fail.
> Same for 'mangler' and 'nat_traversal' itself. I'm pretty sure that
> could solve some problems in the future (just recall the number of
> people asking about xlog on irc and some of the posts on the mailing
> list).
> Regards,
> Stan
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