[OpenSIPS-Users] SNMPStats and usrloc db_mode 3

John Quick john.quick at smartvox.co.uk
Wed Jun 22 12:36:43 CEST 2011

Trying to use SNMP to monitor the number of registered users using the
scalar openserSIPRegCurrentUsers (OID

When db_mode for usrloc is set to 3 the SNMP monitor always shows zero
registrations. If I set db_mode to 1 then it shows the correct number. I
guess the difference is that the SNMP data are being read by inspection of
the cached registration data and in db_mode 3 it is not cached. Is there any
way of overcoming this? I am testing it on v1.6.2.

In case you ask, I require db_mode 3 because I have two opensips servers as
a cluster both accessing data from a single MySQL cluster.

John Quick
Smartvox Limited
Web: www.smartvox.co.uk

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