[OpenSIPS-Users] fix_route_dialog problem

Vlad Paiu vladpaiu at opensips.org
Mon Jan 31 15:33:54 CET 2011


Indeed that ticket was mistakenly marked as closed. As I explained 
before, if a message with no route headers is received, loose_route() 
automatically rejects it and fix_route_dialog() cannot be called as the 
dialog doesn't get the chance to be matched.

I am working to implement fix that will make it possible to cope with 
such a scenario.


On 01/31/2011 01:35 PM, Guido Negro wrote:
> Hi,
> just a quick note to tell you that I actually thought about this way 
> of using fix_route_dialog() because of this ticket:
> http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?func=detail&aid=3090388&group_id=232389&atid=1086413 
> You may want to correct it?
> Guido

Vlad Paiu

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