[OpenSIPS-Users] multiple use_media_proxy() calls

Dan Pascu dan at ag-projects.com
Wed Jan 26 08:12:51 CET 2011

On 25 Jan 2011, at 16:39, Jeff Pyle wrote:
>> Then there is some misunderstanding somewhere. Before the first 183
>> arrives, mediaproxy cannot lock onto anything as it doesn't yet have
>> information about both endpoints. It needs a request (INVITE) and a reply
>> that carries media (183/200), before it can even begin to listen to
>> packets. So how can it lock to media before even allocating the ports and
>> listening is beyond me.
> Interesting.  I will re-verify the leaky media has stopped before the 183
> arrives.  A plausible explanation is that I am incorrect, and it is still
> flowing after the 183.

You may be right. A closer look at the code shows that the relay may learn stream addresses even before receiving any SDP from the destination. I have forgotten this detail, so you can have a problem even if the leaky media stops before the SDP in first 18x

>> I checked the code and it does reset on any new request/reply.
> Does this mean that it resets once on any request/reply pair, or that it
> resets on each new request and each new reply?

On each request and each reply. Once a new SIP message (be that request or reply) with SDP is received it will reset.

> One fine point:  We have been saying 183 throughout this entire
> discussion.  That isn't accurate.  In most cases the GSX at this carrier
> sends a 180 with SDP.  I bring it up only to rule out some weird
> difference that may exist within Mediaproxy between a 183 and a 180 with
> SDP.  An SDP is an SDP, regardless of the code it rides in on, no?

Yes. As long as it has SDP is processed, regardless of code.


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