[OpenSIPS-Users] route based on previous load_balance dialog

Stefano Sasso stesasso at gmail.com
Fri Feb 25 17:34:20 CET 2011

Hello folks,
  I have this load_balance situation:
opensips in front of 3 asterisk servers in a outbound only call-center.

When a agent places a call, opensips load balance through the three asterisks.
Now, we need to use the "ExtensSpy" command from asterisk, dialing
something like ***123 (where 123 is the extension to spy). So,
opensips need to rewritehostport directly to the asterisk server which
is handling 123's conversation, without using load_balance.

I thought to get informations from the dialog database table, in fact
a row is like this:
caller_contact: sip:8002 at aa.cc.dd.82:1029;transport=UDP
callee_contact: sip:xxxxxxxxx at aa.bb.cc.54

where 8002 is the caller extension and aa.bb.cc.54 is the asterisk
server involved in the conversation.

but... how can I get and use this information from opensips configuration?

thanks so much!


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