[OpenSIPS-Users] how to fit OpenSIPS into my scenario of database routing with more params?

Georgy Goshin gosha at inbox.ee
Tue Feb 22 20:05:57 CET 2011


I need to replace Mera MVTS in VoIP wholesale setup, need help with it
because I did not found any instructions that will fit my needs. My OpenSIPS
instance should do the following:

It should route and proxy calls between SIP servers with T.38 support and
transcoding, do accounting. 
Decision about routing should be made by SQL database by:

1. originator IP OR username (gateway)
2. A number
3. B number

Module drouting does not pass neither A number nor originator's IP address.

Is it possible to support my needs with OpenSIPS?

Thanks in advance,

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