[OpenSIPS-Users] Can't get more than 5calls/sec?

chris chris at ghosttelecom.com
Mon Feb 21 13:59:48 CET 2011



Can anyone help with a performance problem.


I have a very simple scenario that I am testing.

Using permissions to allow fixed gateway calls and sending them to
another fixed gateway.

No registrations, no internal users just purely switching calls from one
gateway to another.

I have accounting enabled but even if I switch this off it makes little

I am using Sipp 3.2 with the send and receive instances on totally
separate machines.

All machines are dual core Pentiums with 4gig.

Opensips is running with -m 2048 and 16 child processes log 3 but this
also doesn't seem to effect the performance.

I have the rr module running.

Basically I run the sip processes at 1 call a second and slowly step up
the rate (concurrent calls don't seem to effect the performance).

4 calls a second is fine and I can leave it running like that
indefinitely however soon as I go to 5 calls everything starts to fail
with retransmissions everywhere.

Most of the invites seem to eventually get through but all the byes stop
being processed.

Slowing the calls/sec down doesn't seem to help, only pausing the
transmission and waiting for everything to go quiet will allow me to
begin again without restarting or resetting anything.

Blogs have people running these at silly call rates so getting above 5
shouldn't be a problem.


Must be something basic that is wrong.


Any ideas?


Many thanks





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