[OpenSIPS-Users] OpenSIPS no presentity entry in Database

Klaus Darilion klaus.mailinglists at pernau.at
Fri Feb 11 15:46:34 CET 2011

What kind of presence do you use (configuration option in xlite)?

end-to-end: that should work out of the box
presence-agent: opensips must be configured as presence server, probably
with proper xcap authorization rules (or disable them)


Am 01.02.2011 00:07, schrieb ViennaCivicEP2:
> Hi,
> i´m new to the Opensips community. I started a few days ago and i´m now at
> the point to post my first question, because i cant fiddle out my mistake in
> configuration.
> This is what i´ve done so far.
> - Setting up 3 Virtual Machines (1x Debian Lenny Server, 2x Windows XP Host
> with X-Lite Clients)
> [The VM´s can communicate with each other]
> - Download Opensips 1.6.4-2-notls
> - compiled and installed opensips (works as should i think)
> (means: i cant see error messages in syslog, startup and restart don´t show
> errors or warnings)
> - edited the opensips.cfg file to enable mysql support and presence
> Here´s my problem:
> I can call from one X-Lite Client to the other one (works in both
> directions), but the problem is i can´t see the other users online state
> (presence).
> i´m using x-lite 4 and right beside the contact it writes "waiting for
> response" - but it doesn´t change.
> i searched all over the net - but i can´t find a solution for my problem.
> i think that the opensips.cfg file is correct (with the -c option i don´t
> get errors) and the calling works fine.
> I would kindly ask for your help - if you tell me what information or file
> you need exactly i´ll post it right here.
> Thanks in advance - greetings from vienna,
> Mario

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