[OpenSIPS-Users] Change in SDP/RTP routing with Opensips 1.4 and 1.6

Chris Stone axisml at gmail.com
Wed Feb 9 01:28:53 CET 2011


On Tue, Feb 8, 2011 at 2:31 PM, Ovidiu Sas <osas at voipembedded.com> wrote:
> You din't posted a proper SIP capture (no UDP src/dst IP for your
> packets), but it seems that you are having a firewall issue.  Just add

I agree that it almost sounds like a firewall issue but....I
completely disabled iptables on the server and tested again - issue

So the only other firewall is the PIX - external to this server. All
of the protocol fixup in it for SIP is disabled. Not sure how the PIX
can play in here when:

       PIX Firewall
 Cisco 12 port Switch
       |                  |
       |                  |
OpenSIPS     Asterisk

Once the INVITE comes in, it would not see the PIX again - goes to
Opensips and then Asterisk.....

> an xlog into your opensips server and see that you will have no
> entries in syslog.

Added: xlog("L_ERR", "[method=$rm, from=$fu, to=$ru, src_ip=$si]\n");

tested another call and the log entries do so up:

Feb  8 17:22:53 mars /usr/sbin/opensips[7046]:
INFO:core:probe_max_receive_buffer: using a UDP receive buffer of 255
Feb  8 17:23:04 mars /usr/sbin/opensips[7058]: INFO:core:buf_init:
Feb  8 17:23:04 mars /usr/sbin/opensips[7058]: [method=INVITE,
from=sip:+13038382386 at,
to=sip:17204497101 at;transport=udp,
Feb  8 17:23:07 mars /usr/sbin/opensips[7066]: INFO:core:buf_init:
Feb  8 17:23:07 mars /usr/sbin/opensips[7066]: [method=ACK,
from=sip:+13038382386 at,
to=sip:17204497101 at, src_ip=]
Feb  8 17:23:18 mars /usr/sbin/opensips[7058]: [method=BYE,
from=sip:+13038382386 at,
to=sip:17204497101 at, src_ip=]

> The INVITE that is sent out is having the same "Max-Forwards" counter
> and you have a second Via with exactly the same branch parameter.

Would that not be then the result some 'default' within Opensips since
it's occurring with such a basic simple config? The config just calls
forward() essentially. No modules are loaded or initialized and the
route() block looks simply like:

        xlog("L_ERR", "[method=$rm, from=$fu, to=$ru, src_ip=$si]\n");



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