[OpenSIPS-Users] P-Called-Party-ID

Tyler Merritt tyler at fonality.com
Mon Feb 7 08:55:03 CET 2011

I don't see that this particular header is made available by any of the core
vars or scripting vars.

I tried using $(hdr(P-Called-Party-Id)) but OS comes back
with /usr/sbin/opensips[7981]: P-Called-Party-Id equals <null>

It seems to think that I'm looking for:

/usr/sbin/opensips[7981]: DBG:core:pv_get_ppi_attr: no *P-Preferred-Identity

The provider actually has a P-Called-Party-Id, and I need it's uri.user
portion because they don't preserve any of the other headers between
transmissions for me to perform some modification.

It's a real pain - any advice on how to grab this header and put it into a
variable that will *persist* between two separate dialogues?

The dialogue from the provider to the proxy is A, and the proxy pushes a new
call into Asterisk B.  There isn't a to tag between the INVITES, but there
is a FROM tag (double-tag).

I'm trying to mentally twist my head around how to reference the from-tag
from a separate transaction within the loose_route function - but I'm coming
up empty.

Help would be great!
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