[OpenSIPS-Users] drouting / is_from_gw - matching for groups and not types

Bogdan-Andrei Iancu bogdan at opensips.org
Fri Feb 4 13:51:57 CET 2011

Hi Max,

Considering you still wan to use the dr_rules table (for the mapping of 
users to groups), I would manually do the query (with avp_db_query() ) 
from the script (to get the group id) and only for certain values of the 
group ID I will do do_routing("group_id")


Max Mühlbronner wrote:
> Hi,
> sorry maybe i did not explain well enough. Because what you describe 
> is exactly how i am using groups/rules already. :)
> But my problem at this point is, for one group i dont want to use the 
> GW List/Gateway defined in the rule matching this group.  Only for 
> this single group i want to use the load_balancer module / e.g. 
> load_balance. So what i am looking for would be something to check 
> which group id the current call belongs too... But i guess there is no 
> such function?
> Regards
> Max M.
> Am 02.02.2011 22:42, schrieb Bogdan-Andrei Iancu:
>> Hi Max,
>> The Group ID is linked to group ID from the dr_rules table. The idea 
>> is to group the rules in different sets, for different scenarios 
>> (routing to GW, routing to Media Services, etc)
>> This Group Id can be provided to the do_routing() function (you can 
>> determine it via whatever other mechanisms - like avp_db_load) or if 
>> not given, the do_routing function will automatically query (using 
>> the FROM URI as key) the dr_groups table.
>> In OpenSIPS CP, in Settings, for Group IDs, you can fill in the 
>> groups ID you are using on the system -> they are only used by CP 
>> when creating new rules, to give you the options.
>> Regards,
>> Bogdan
>> Max Mühlbronner wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> regarding opensips-cp and drouting i came across a small problem, 
>>> maybe someone already tried something similar and wants to share his 
>>> knowledge :)
>>> |
>>> opensips-cp --> Drouting / Settings, Gateway Types / Group ID´s is 
>>> what i am talking about.
>>> |
>>> Is there any function to check for the Group ID´s  instead of 
>>> Gateway types inside the routing script?
>>> |is_from_gw and goes_to_gw only checks for types of Gateways but i 
>>> can not find any equivalent to check for gateway group ids? The 
>>> Group ids are assigned via permissions and i am selecting the group 
>>> ids via avp_db_query.
>>> My goal is to decide by group ids which calls 
>>> (permissions/group-based) are routed directly to load_balance 
>>> function instead of going through the normal drouting process of 
>>> rules/gateway(lists). I could eventually use a avp_db_query to get 
>>> the group id for every call but this would probably use lots of 
>>> Database Resources? Maybe there is another smarter way to do all of 
>>> this?
>>> Best Regards
>>> Max M.

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