[OpenSIPS-Users] Installing OpenSIPS on Red Hat

Bogdan-Andrei Iancu bogdan at opensips.org
Wed Feb 2 13:43:59 CET 2011

Hi Guys,

Just to clarify a bit here  - from OpenSIPS perspective, all LINUX 
distro are fully supported (like compiling and runing) and most of 
UNIX-like OS (BSD, SOLARIS, etc).

There is no difference is running OpenSIPS on Debian or RedHat - you 
just need to take care of the dependencies (packaging is different on 
the 2 distros) and the init script. Otherwise it is the same.

Again, OpenSIPS is not Debian-only supported/focused.


Jeff Pyle wrote:
> Toyima,
> Adrian is right.  We started on a CentOS infrastructure with Opensips. 
>  It works, but it's a pain.  We're migrating to a complete Debian 
> infrastructure.  We started with Debian because of Opensips, 
> Mediaproxy and CDRtool.  But now that we understand it we find it to 
> be much more lightweight, configurable and just "easier" than CentOS 
> and the other RedHat derivatives.
> Is Debian "better" than CentOS?  Not the question, and not the point. 
>  I can say in our experience it is far easier to manage Opensips-based 
> systems in Debian than in CentOS.  Xen is a lot more flexible, too, 
> and we've made great use of that with Opensips.
> - Jeff
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> You should use Debian in production as the software is developed on 
> Debian. If you use Redhat you will always be behind new developments 
> or any bug fixes as there might be nobody porting them to Redhat.
> Adrian
> On Jan 31, 2011, at 5:28 PM, Toyima Dias wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I've seen many information on how to install OpenSIPS in DEBIAN, but 
>> in my case i need to install it on Red Hat, i've found some 
>> information but not very well supported, i would like to have a very 
>> clean and stable installation for a very large and stable production 
>> server, is there any recommendations please?
>> Regards
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