[OpenSIPS-Users] B2BUA "From" Header & Caller-ID Question

Anca Vamanu anca at opensips.org
Tue Oct 12 11:37:55 CEST 2010

Hi Brett,

The b2bua generates a new request with the info from the received one. 
The problem is with the changes upon a request not being visible to the 
following functions called from the script.
So you have to change the header on the generated one, in local route.


On 10/12/2010 10:24 AM, Brett Woollum wrote:
> In addition, the uac_replace_from(display,uri); function does not seem 
> to work either. I tested this function by putting:
> uac_replace_from("TEST", "sip:12345 at");
> immediately above the call to B2B_INIT_REQUEST and the outbound 
> "From:" header remains unchanged (incorrect).
> Brett Woollum
> Brett at Woollum.com
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> Subject: [OpenSIPS-Users] B2BUA "From" Header & Caller-ID Question
> Hello,
> I have a working implementation of the B2BUA modules for OpenSIPS. One 
> problem I am having is that the B2BUA module doesn't seem to respect 
> the "From:" header that I updated before B2B_INIT was called (at the 
> end of the script). Before I call B2B_INIT, my script looks up the 
> correct caller-id from a database and replaces the "From:" header with 
> the new information. Here is that code:
> xlog("This is an external call...");
> avp_db_query("select id from subscriber where username=\"$fU\" AND 
> domain=\"\"", "$avp(s:subscriber_id)");
> if(is_avp_set("$avp(s:subscriber_id)")){
>                             avp_db_query("select 
> external_cid_name,external_cid_uri,external_cid_uri_domain from cid 
> where subscriber_id=\"$avp(s:subscriber_id)\"", 
> "$avp(s:external_cid_name);$avp(s:external_cid_uri);$avp(s:external_cid_uri_domain)");
>                             remove_hf("From");
>                             append_hf("From: 
> \"$avp(s:external_cid_name)\" 
> <sip:$avp(s:external_cid_uri)@$avp(s:external_cid_uri_domain)>;tag=$ft\r\n");
> }
> The resulting "From": header is perfect (it includes the new caller-id 
> information) and works without problems when I don't use the B2BUA 
> module. It seems as though the B2BUA module (which is called last in 
> the script) does not respect the new header, and instead processes the 
> call using whatever was in $fu when the script started. Unfortunately 
> $fu is not writable, so I can't directly change it.
> What are some possible work-arounds to get the B2BUA module to create 
> the new call but include the "From:" header that I've updated earlier 
> in the script?
> Any ideas are greatly appreciated!
> Brett Woollum
> Brett at Woollum.com
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Anca Vamanu

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