[OpenSIPS-Users] (CDRTool) combining sip_trace/media records from multiple proxies

Jeff Pyle jpyle at fidelityvoice.com
Thu Nov 11 12:38:25 CET 2010


In my network I have three Opensips instances routing traffic to, from and across my network.  I use MySQL with radius for Opensips accounting, as well as MySQL for sip_trace and MySQL + radius for Mediaproxy accouting.  I use CDRTool to view the records together.

In CDRTool I have a separate data source for each proxy's records, as each is written to a separate database.  That's fine.  This also leads to separate sip_trace and mediaproxy records for the same call ID.

1)  Is it possible to use the same sip_trace table for all three proxies, and therefore view the traffic across all three proxies at the same time in CDRTool no matter which proxy's traffic I choose to look at?  My hope here is they will key on the same call ID.  All three proxies are VMs on the same dom0 so their clocks are the same.

2)  Mediaproxy is engaged only once across any of the three proxies for the same call.  Can I use the same media_sessions table for all three dispatchers to see the media records for a call no matter which proxy's traffic I'm looking at?  The MySQL side seems easier here than the radius one.  I fear at best I'd lose the view of the radius data unless I pick the "correct" proxy in CDRTool.

My goal is to minimize the amount of places I have to look when looking for the same data.

Any thoughts?  Am I trying to combine apples and pomegranates?

- Jeff

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