[OpenSIPS-Users] Facing issue with call-control 2.0.6

Krunal Patel krunal.forums at gmail.com
Wed Nov 3 08:12:55 CET 2010

List of components with version:*

OpenSIPS 1.5.3 notls
call-control 2.0.6
CDRTool 6.9.5
FreeRADIUS 2.1.6

*Current setup:*
The platform is implemented to have prepaid & postpaid billing support with
prefix based routing using carrierroute.
call-control & opensips are installed on the same server. CDRTool &
FreeRADIUS are installed on the separate servers.
For calls from or to postpaid accounts, we are not sending request to
call-control. But when the account is prepaid, then opensips will send
request to call-control to set call limitation.

When there's more than 40 prepaid simultaneous calls, call-control
introduces delay in processing requests from opensips, which leads to PDD
more than 10 sec. As we set fr_timer to 10 seconds, opensips sends 408
Request Timeout.
We debug opensips & call-control code for the whole flow.
What we found is, call-control stores all requests from opensips to queue &
processes it one by one. When there's more than 40 calls, the queue
processing in call-control introduces delay.
Btw CDRTool responds within less than half a second for each request from
call-control. So we think there's something wrong with call-control,
basically in queue processing.
One more thing , we tried to upgrade call-control to 2.0.8 version. But it
didn't resolve the issue.

Is anybody there who can help us out to resolve the issue, we would
appreciate the help.

Krunal Patel
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