[OpenSIPS-Users] Load balancing Conference System

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Subject: [OpenSIPS-Users] Load balancing Conference System

> Hello Group,
> I have an Conferencing System (Asterisk meetme) with many Users and 
> Conferences.
> Is it possible to load balance the Calls with opensSIPS depends on the 
> Conference Room number?
> The Room Number is Stored in mysql Database (asterisk Realtime).
> Thanx for your help
> Daniel
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It would depends on how you knew which conference room number they were to 
be directed to. If they need to enter DTMF then they are already in 
Asterisk. I suggest using OpenSipS for load balancing. When ever some one 
enters a conference room on one server use the AMI to connect the two 
server's together to the same room (e.g. room 400 on both servers) so when 
some one gets sent to either or they will hear everyone no matter what 
Asterisk server they are on.


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