[OpenSIPS-Users] carrierroute rule_fixup log entry

Kyle Romulas kyle.romulas at gmail.com
Fri Jan 29 22:18:15 CET 2010

Hello All,

Quick question on a log file entry with regards to carrierroute 1.4.5-notls.

opensips[32717]: INFO:carrierroute:rule_fixup: fixing tree 0
opensips[32717]: INFO:carrierroute:rule_fixup_recursor: hashless rule with
host x.x.x.x hash hash_index 1

The second line repeats for entry in the table.

I have 6 carriers defined in the route_tree; 4 NANP PSTN providers, 1
International for LCR weighting via prob, and default.

I use cr_user_carrier to load the avp of the preferred NANP PSTN provider
before calling cr_route.

Is there need for concern with the INFO log entries at startup and route
Kyle Romulas 
DH Platform-Services
kyle.romulas at gmail.com

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