[OpenSIPS-Users] Experimenting with B2b modules

Anca Vamanu anca at opensips.org
Fri Jan 29 12:02:11 CET 2010

Hi Jayesh,

FIrst of all, the error that those parameters do not exist is normal 
since they do not exist :). costum_headers is a parameter that was added 
in devel branch, and the correct name for the other parameter is 
clean_period. But I have checked now, and in the documentation it is in 
fact written "cleanup_period". I will fix this in the code to really 
have "cleanup_period".
Can you please investigate the core file with gdb and print here the 
backtrace? There is also another crash report and I am investigating it now.


Anca Vamanu

Jayesh Nambiar wrote:
> Hi All,
> I have been trying to do some experiments with B2b modules in 
> Opensips. What I am trying to do is create another OpenSips instance 
> which will only act as Topology Hiding Server in front of my proxy.
> So calls processed from my proxy will go to the B2b Opensips instance, 
> the B2b instance will extract a header which will contain the 
> destination domain and route the call to that domain in B2b mode (Is 
> this doable?).
> First issue:
> I get these errors on loading the parameters:
> parameter <cleanup_period> not found in module <b2b_logic>
> parameter <custom_headers> not found in module <b2b_logic>
> I have compiled Opensips 1.6.1 from source in Debian.
> Second Issue:
> I commented these parameters and tried running opensips but ran into 
> Segfault.
> Snippet of my cfg file:
> loadmodule "b2b_entities.so"
> modparam("b2b_entities", "server_address", "sip:b2bua at opensips.org 
> <mailto:sip%3Ab2bua at opensips.org>")
> loadmodule "b2b_logic.so"
> #modparam("b2b_logic", "cleanup_period", 60)
> #modparam("b2b_logic", "custom_headers", "Status")
> route {
>      if(method=="INVITE") {
>              $rd = $hdr(Dest);
>              b2b_init_request("top hiding");
>              exit;
>     }
> }
> Can i find few more examples somewhere of using the B2B modules in 
> opensips so that i can start thinking of how do I integrate these 
> features into my current setup !!
> Any help is very much appreciated as always.
> Thanks,
> --- Jayesh
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