[OpenSIPS-Users] What is protocol/port mismatch?

opensipslist at encambio.com opensipslist at encambio.com
Fri Jan 29 11:02:56 CET 2010

Hello Bogdan,

An ven., janv 29, 2010, Bogdan-Andrei Iancu schrieb:
>opensipslist at encambio.com wrote:
>> ...and I see this in the log:
>>   <warning> opensips[2717]: WARNING:core:get_send_socket: protocol/port mismatch
>> some hundreds of times per day (about once every 20 minutes
>> per registered UAC.)
>> I have this in the route script:
>>   listen = tls:name.host.tld:5061
>>   [...]
>>   t_relay("name.host.tld:5080");
>Do you use "force_send_socket()" functions in your script,
>before the t_relay ?
No, I have 'force_rport()' in the script, but neither
'force_send_socket()' nor 'force_tcp_alias()' is there at
all. Are you suggesting that I use it before t_relay to the
server with a different transport?

Is the basic idea of this warning message that OpenSIPS
exchanges a SIP message with a UA over a certain transport
(TLS in this case) and port number (5061 in this case), but
a t_relay in the route script forwards the message over a
different transport or to a different port number?

If so, what is being compared and how is it compared?

  Port1 == Port2
  Transport1 == Transport2
  Transport1 & Port1 == Transport2 & Port2


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