[OpenSIPS-Users] Private IP in registered AOR causing failure

opensipslist at encambio.com opensipslist at encambio.com
Fri Jan 29 10:46:58 CET 2010

Hello Bogdan,

An ven., janv 29, 2010, Bogdan-Andrei Iancu schrieb:
>opensipslist at encambio.com wrote:
>>> 1) the BLA part is sending the SUBSCRIBEs based on user location
>>> and it is using the "received" field if present, so it should be
>>> ok. Unless you set in the bla module the "outbound" param - this
>>> will override the received info.
>> My module parameters for presence and BLA are:
>> modparam("presence", "server_address", "sip:pres at name.host.tld")
>> modparam("presence_xml", "force_active", 1)
>> modparam("pua_bla", "server_address", "sip:pres at name.host.tld")
>> modparam("pua_bla", "default_domain", "name.host.tld")
>> modparam("pua_bla", "header_name", "Sender")
>> ...so I'm not setting the 'outbound' parameter it seems, right?
>In such a case, check in usrloc if the registrations for the user
>the SUBSCRIBE belongs to, do has the received field - maybe the
>error is when saving the contacts and not when using them.
That would be nice, but I don't think so:

  # /pfx/sbin/opensipsctl ul show
  AOR:: user1
    Contact:: sip:User1 at;transport=tls;line=9hm7f0ua Q=1
      Expires:: 352
      Callid:: 703c26357076-zmjcebpdyaey
      Cseq:: 1058
      User-agent:: Unimportant
      Received:: sip:;transport=TLS
      State:: CS_SYNC
      Flags:: 0
      Cflag:: 64
      Socket:: tls:
      Methods:: 7999

>>>> After running a socket listener on on the OpenSIPS host:
>>>>    $ socat TCP4-LISTEN:2310,bind=,reuseaddr -
>>>>    SUBSCRIBE sip:MyLogin-OSIPS at;transport=tls;line=2acy67zm SIP/2.0
>>>>    Via: SIP/2.0/TCP;branch=G4z9hb82dK8.f144.0
>>>>    To: <sip:MyLogin-OSIPS at name.host.tld>;tag=ty6sjh9iz9
>>>>    From: <sip:MyLogin-OSIPS at name.host.tld>;tag=6c9d4319c74d756e6b696-baa1
>>>>    CSeq: 11 SUBSCRIBE
>>>>    Call-ID: b1c04118-8826 at
>>>>    Content-Length: 0
>>>>    User-Agent: OpenSIPS (1.6.1-tls)
>>>>    Max-Forwards: 70
>>>>    Event: dialog;sla
>>>>    Contact: <sip:presence at name.host.tld>
>>>>    Expires: 610
>> Any ideas?
>If you could try to get a capture of the whole flow - starting with
>REGISTER, etc.....plus the logs...  But first check the usrloc (see
I'll do that next, when I have time over the weekend. Capturing is
actually quite difficult because everything is TLS, and there are
more than one phone, as well as a voicemail server...

Thanks for helping so far, and if you think of anything based on
your suggestion 1) and my answer, then please advise.


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