[OpenSIPS-Users] Private IP in registered AOR causing failure

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Tue Jan 26 16:22:01 CET 2010

Hello Bogdan and Anca,

An mar., janv 26, 2010, Bogdan-Andrei Iancu schrieb:
>Just consulted with Anca (she is the presence guru) and 2 questions
>for you:
Thanks to Anca very much for such good work with the presence
modules. I'm excited to be able to use them correctly (thus my
troubleshooting and questions.)

>1) the BLA part is sending the SUBSCRIBEs based on user location
>and it is using the "received" field if present, so it should be
>ok. Unless you set in the bla module the "outbound" param - this
>will override the received info.
I know that at least some part of the BLA logic or presence logic
is indeed using the 'received' field, because OpenSIPS is sending
to the correct UAS 1/2 the time. It is equially clear that some
other part of BLA or presence is ignoring the 'received' field.
For each UAS which registers tcpdump shows two SUBSCRIBE messages.
One with the 'received' IP and one with the private IP.

My module parameters for presence and BLA are:

modparam("presence", "server_address", "sip:pres at name.host.tld")
modparam("presence_xml", "force_active", 1)
modparam("pua_bla", "server_address", "sip:pres at name.host.tld")
modparam("pua_bla", "default_domain", "name.host.tld")
modparam("pua_bla", "header_name", "Sender")

...so I'm not setting the 'outbound' parameter it seems, right?

I'm using:

  Solaris 11 x86 (nv-b91)
  OpenSIPS 1.6.0 with TLS

>2) the subscribe you posted - as you captured it, I supposed it
>exists on network. But I see that the transport in TLS (so TCP
>based), but how come you see the message if opensips is not able to
>open the TCP conn to the private IP..
Good question, but I showed you just how I was capturing traffic
to the private IP. You probably missed it, so here it is again:

>> After running a socket listener on on the OpenSIPS host:
>>    $ socat TCP4-LISTEN:2310,bind=,reuseaddr -
>>    SUBSCRIBE sip:MyLogin-OSIPS at;transport=tls;line=2acy67zm SIP/2.0
>>    Via: SIP/2.0/TCP;branch=G4z9hb82dK8.f144.0
>>    To: <sip:MyLogin-OSIPS at name.host.tld>;tag=ty6sjh9iz9
>>    From: <sip:MyLogin-OSIPS at name.host.tld>;tag=6c9d4319c74d756e6b696-baa1
>>    CSeq: 11 SUBSCRIBE
>>    Call-ID: b1c04118-8826 at
>>    Content-Length: 0
>>    User-Agent: OpenSIPS (1.6.1-tls)
>>    Max-Forwards: 70
>>    Event: dialog;sla
>>    Contact: <sip:presence at name.host.tld>
>>    Expires: 610
It's plain old TCP/IP networking. First do a ifconfig to create
a virtual interface with IP, then set a static route,
and finally run software to listen on the TCP socket on the address.
This works as long as I do it on the same machine that OpenSIPS (the
presence modules) are running on.

Any ideas?


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