[OpenSIPS-Users] New SIP SIMPLE Clients release 0.12.0

Adrian Georgescu ag at ag-projects.com
Mon Jan 25 19:27:26 CET 2010


A new release for SIP SIMPLE Clients is available.

SIP SIMPLE Clients can be used for setting up Audio, Instant Messaging  
(IM) and File Transfer sessions, Publish and Subscribe for presence or  
other events. The clients can be used in a Unix terminal on Linux and  
MacOSX operating systems.

The software is available as a tar archive, darcs repository or as a  
Debian package for Debian unstable distribution. Installation  
instructions are available at:


The following clients are available:

  * sip-settings - Manage the settings used by all clients
  * sip-register - REGISTER a SIP end-point with a SIP Registrar
  * sip-session - Supports multiple Audio, IM and File Transfers  
  * sip-audio-session - Setup an Audio session
  * sip-message - Exchange text in page mode using SIP MESSAGE method
  * sip-publish-presence - Publish presence event to a SIP Presence  
  * sip-subscribe-winfo - SUBSCRIBE to watcher list on a SIP Presence  
  * sip-subscribe-presence - SUBSCRIBE to presence event
  * sip-auto-publish-presence - Publish randomly generated presence  
  * sip-subscribe-rls - SUBSCRIBE to lists managed by a SIP Resource  
List Server
  * sip-subscribe-xcap-diff - SUBSCRIBE to XCAP resources changes
  * sip-subscribe-mwi - SUBSCRIBE to Message Waiting Indication on a  
Voicemail server
  * xcap-directory - List documents stored on a XCAP server for a  
given user
  * xcap-pres-rules - Manage the content of a pres-rules XCAP document
  * xcap-dialog-rules - Manage the content of a dialog-rules XCAP  
  * xcap-icon - Manage an icon document stored on the XCAP server
  * xcap-rls-services - Manage the content of a rls-services XCAP  

For how to setup and use the clients visit:


Kind regards,
Adrian Georgescu

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